24 October 2014

Posted by Mohammed Ibrahim on October 22, 2014

Hundreds of youth in the Kumbungu district have embarked on what appears to the biggest demonstration ever in the history of the area against bad road network.

The youth drawn from Dalun, Kumbungu and other adjourning communities poured to the street started from Dalun where the Ghana Water company limited treatment plant is situated and match through Saakabu and later to Kumbungu where they presented their petition to the assembly.

Posted by Mohammed Ibrahim on October 20, 2014

The Concern Citizens of Yendi has petition the Regent of Dagbon, Kampapuya Naa Abdulai Yakubu Andani and regional health directorate over what they describe as serious administrative lapses and the corruption at the Yendi government hospital.  

The concern Yendi citizens say their finding in the hospital points to serious administrative lapses and corruption behavior which need to be address by stakeholders in health and government immediately.

Posted by Mohammed Ibrahim on October 20, 2014



The Resident Psychiatrist in the northern region, Dr. Ahmed Soori has underscore the need for people to desist from linking mental illness to evil spirits, the devil dwarfs or a curse of mental illness but rather see it as  a chemical changes in the brain 

According to him, in every society, one percent of the population is schizophrenic which means is a genetic factor. He outlined the signs and symptoms of schizophrenia as auditory hallucination, visual hallucination and Delusion.

Posted by Mohammed Ibrahim on October 20, 2014

The Northern Region Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) Platform on good governance has taken a swipe at Ghana’s electoral commission for continue postponing of the 2014 district assemblies elections.

The platform says the EC’s lackadaisical attitude towards the district assembly elections needs much to be desire.

The CSOs said the EC attitude towards the assembly‘s elections has the tendency of increasing voter apathy among electorates which is detrimental to Ghana’s democracy.

Posted by Moses Kofi Yahaya on October 13, 2014

Being a journalist is a great calling, I won’t do anything else; those of us who have chosen this line of work did so out of our love for story-telling.  There is nothing more exhilarating than telling the stories of the most powerful and the most disenfranchised. It is the adrenaline that drives us. 

Posted by Mohammed Ibrahim on October 07, 2014

A middle-age man has been found dead in uncompleted building in Gariche fong electoral area in the Gushegu district of the northern region.  The man believed to be in his 40s was alleged to have committed suicide in the early hours on Tuesday.  

It is not clear what led to the death of the man yet to be identified.  Speaking to Zaa News, the assembly man for Garicha fong electoral area Musah Tahiru said the body was found hanging at about 9: am today in uncompleted building opposite the Gushegu hospital.

Posted by Mohammed Ibrahim on September 28, 2014

The  Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has expressed its displeasure about the manner in which the government has handled the Tier 2 pensions of its members. GMA says the beneficiaries of the pensions Act 2008, Act 766 will be retiring in January 2015.  

Posted by Moses Kofi Yahaya on September 26, 2014

Poor Africa, she never seems to get a break from the daily deluge of negative news; several misconceptions abound about Africa.  News from the continent consist primarily of heart-wrenching accounts of famine, disease, poverty and conflict and mouth-dropping tales of corruption, graft and bad governance.

Posted by Moses Kofi Yahaya on September 22, 2014

After waiting eons for a facelift that will ultimately upgrade its status from a regional hub to an international hub, the long-neglected Tamale airport is finally getting a spruce, one that should have been implemented decades ago but for political interference from southerners who would rather the airport be situated in their part of the country.

Posted by Mohammed Ibrahim on September 18, 2014

Hundreds of people have been rendered homeless in the Central Gonja district of the northern region following a two-hour torrential rain on Tuesday.

Almost every house in Buipe, the district capital was hit by the rainstorm living scores of the inhabitants in grief.   

The District Chief Executive for Central Gonja, Mumuni Shiraz Ibn Yacin in an interview with Zaa news described the situation as alarming.


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